Beam Em’ Up

A 4 player co-op game developed with a team of game development students in 48 hours for Global Game Jam 2018.  As the level designer on the team, I planned out the level by drawing it in photoshop, whiteboxed it by using basic geometry in Unity, and implemented assets made by the art and programming teams.


The goal of the game is to accrue as many points as possible by capturing humans and items before time runs out,  where the player with the highest score will win. I attempted to structure the game in a way that would encourage the player to explore the challenging aspects of the world.
Collectibles worth a higher amount of points were placed upon high points, such as tall buildings that would require the player to climb lower ones, and gated areas that could only be accessed through traversing the top of streetlights.
Collectibles worth a lower amount of points, on the other hand, were scattered throughout easy-to-access areas, such as the general ground.

In general, what I learned from this experience is how to effectively design a level that meets the needs of a cooperative game, alongside placing collectible assets in particular areas to incentivize the player to undertake risky challenges.